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4 Tips for Choosing the Right Hair Bows

4 Tips for Choosing the Right Hair Bows
At Fun & Fancy, we love nothing more than helping you dress your little girl to the nines. For many Southern moms, that means using hair bows. They add color, style, and classic beauty to almost any outfit. Whether you’re getting ready for Easter, for school pictures, or just want to add a little whimsy to her outfit for the day, hair bows can help. Of course, finding the right bows can be challenging, so we thought we’d provide some insight and a few helpful tips!

Choose the Style
First, shop for hair bows by style. You’ll find quite a few different options out there, but we’ll break them down to make things easier.

Headband Style – Headband-style hair bows are good options for infants with very little hair, as they don’t require a clip to hold them in place. Just slip the super-soft elastic band over your little one’s head and there you go – a beautiful accent.

Clip Style – If your little one has enough hair, a clip-style hair bow may be the way to go. These clip right into her tresses, offering more flexibility for placement. We offer alligator clips that vary in size depending on the size of the bow. These clips are great for girls who are pretty active too, like for cheerleading and other sports.

Choose the Size
Next, consider the size you want. Hair bows can be small and dainty, medium-sized and delicate, or large and eye-catching. Each has something different to offer and can be used in different situations. For instance, a smaller hair bow might be great for a day out of the house, but when sitting for a family portrait, a large hair bow might be the perfect addition to really make those pictures pop!

We recommend hair bows in a variety of sizes to suit different occasions and needs. No girl should be limited to just one size hair bow! After all, you’d never have just one style of dress, or one type of onesie, would you? The sky’s the limit in terms of where she can wear her hair bow, so make sure she’s got the selection she needs.

Choose the Material
The material of a hair bow has a big impact on how well it works in different situations. You’ve also have a couple choices! Do you prefer the soft touch and sheen of satin? What about the durability of grosgrain? Each has something different to offer.

Choose the Color
Finally, it’s time to choose the color. You can go about this in several different ways. For instance, you might choose hair bows to complement your little girl’s eye color and to be worn with a neutral outfit. Or, you might opt to coordinate with an outfit (or, if you’re feeling bold, to contrast with it).

Whether you need hair bows for Christmas, Easter, or just for everyday wear, Fun & Fancy has exactly what you want. We look forward to helping you find the ideal style, size, material, and color for your little girl.

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