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Tips for a Classic Southern Halloween

Tips for a Classic Southern Halloween
We love Halloween. It's the perfect mix of spooky fun, games and parties, a dash of fall home décor, and best of all, it's exciting for both the kids and grown-ups. Trick-or-treating might be the main event, but half of the fun is the build-up to the holiday. Whether you prefer to buy a costume or make your own, helping the kids plan out exactly what they’ll wear on the big day, down to the little details, is often one of the most fulfilling parts of the holiday. If you’re not quite sure yet what to dress the kids in for a truly Southern Halloween, maybe one of these costumes will suit your fancy.

Cowboys and Cowgirls

As Halloween costumes go, cowboy and cowgirl outfits are pretty easy to assemble. With just a pair of acid-wash, bootcut jeans, a checkered plaid shirt, a pair of cowboy boots, a belt, and a hat, your little boy will transform in Wyatt Earp or Billy the Kid in a matter of seconds. With a bit of mascara, you can even add a convincing fake beard. For girls, substitute the jeans with a denim or earth-toned skirt, and you’ll achieve the same effect. For added detail, include a red bandana around the neck and a black or brown vest.

Football Players

If your kids love the South’s favorite sport (football!), this costume might not even need any prep work. Simply dress them up in their football outfits and they’re ready to go. If not, it’s still a straightforward look to pull off. With a jersey from their favorite team, use some foam from a craft store to create the signature shoulder pads and add in some athletic pants or leggings. For the finishing touches, add a football and a helmet—if you can find one—and you’ve got yourself a little footballer.

A Southern Belle

Your daughters will absolutely love this look. Although simple, it all comes down to the quality and style of the dress you choose to dress your daughter in. The key is to find a full-length dress in either white crinoline, gingham, or satin. Don’t be afraid to go overboard. Lace edging is a must and will ooze luxury and Southern refinement. For a finishing touch, we recommend finding a wide sunhat, a parasol, and a pair of ankle boots, if appropriate. Think old-world class and your daughter will never be happier.

Have Fun With It!

No matter what your kids end up wearing, the most important thing is that they have fun. Be safe, take your kids out trick-or-treating, and remember that Halloween is about the whole family. For more Halloween costume ideas feel free to peruse our website and get creative with it. You’d be surprised by how many ideas come to mind when you find the right items. Don’t let Halloween pass you by without making the most of the entire holiday. Enjoy the build-up, collaborate with your kids, listen to what they want to wear, and have a spooky Halloween!

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