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Baby Wraps—Comfort, Fun and Fashion in One

Baby Wraps—Comfort, Fun and Fashion in One
Moms today are all about comfort and who can blame them when they are dealing with raising their little ones and running a household. With the stress of daily activities, the last thing a parent needs is to deal with a cumbersome baby carrier. Traditional baby carriers are often manufactured in a backpack like fashion with straps, buckles, ties and more. There is nothing wrong with these types of carriers, but they can become uncomfortable over a period of hours.

The baby wrap (sometimes referred to as a baby sling) holds a ton of benefits for any busy mom or dad. First off baby wraps are simply made. They are created from sturdy fabrics and aren't bogged down with hanging ties, buckles, etc. Baby wraps are also super versatile. Unlike the common baby carriers which can only be worn on either your back or front, you can position your baby in multiple ways with a baby wrap. Because baby wraps distribute your child's weight more evenly, you don't have the worry of nagging back pain after carrying your child for several hours. This is a huge relief, particularly for those parents who have existing lower back problems.

While it is easy to leave your infant in their crib or playpen while you are doing housework, many moms and dads prefer bonding with their infant as much as possible at this critical stage of their life. With this in mind, a typical baby carrier would not be as much help for toting your little one around the house. Due to the way a baby wrap allows you to hold your infant close to your body, you can make housework a breeze as you spend time with your baby at the same time. This is time well spent as you develop a closeness with your baby.

Many parents have even replaced their old baby carriers with the baby wrap when trekking around town. They have proven to be much more comfortable for both parent and child. Whether you are walking around a park or shopping for groceries, the trip can be all the more comfortable using a baby wrap versus a baby carrier.

If you are a fashionable parent, then you are in luck with a baby wrap. Because they are made from fabric and not much else, they can be made in a variety of colors. You may even find yourself purchasing several just as conversation pieces. Many baby wraps are created in eye catching colors and a variety of patterns. They are sure to stand out and many people will definitely take notice. Who says that you and your baby can't be fashionable?

We love babywearing for all the closeness, the cuddles, AND the hands-free mobility. But did you know that it also offers scientifically proven benefits to babies and their parents? Here are just a few of the many reasons wearing baby is good for you and your little ones!

LESS CRYING - Wearing baby for 3 hours a day can reduce its crying by up to 54%.

EASIER TRANSITION TO BABY’S 4TH TRIMESTER - Babywearing mimics the womb, helping babies feel more comfortable as they adjust to their new environment.

ENCOURAGES BONDING - The physical contact of babywearing increases nurturing behaviors and secures attachment. Plus, it helps parents learn baby’s cues and elevates their confidence.

PROMOTES COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT - It’s easy to talk and engage baby in their surroundings when they are being carried. And this helps develop their linguistic skills, too.

Fun & Fancy offers the MOBY in the wrap and ring styles in various fabric options and colors. It’s a great option for taking baby out of the home while still keeping them safe because baby, blankets, pacifiers, car seats, and other items aren’t in contact with shopping carts.

Crafted from a high-quality, woven cotton fabric, the sling provides an approachable, easy-to-wear alternative to the classic wrap design. It also offers both front and hip-carrying options, allowing the wearer to change positions and maintain comfort as baby grows.

A parenting favorite for its comfort, style, and adaptability, the award-winning MOBY Classic Wrap is made from a soft, durable, 100% cotton fabric that provides the perfect snuggle for newborns, infants, and toddlers.

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