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Summer Vacation with Kids

Summer Vacation with Kids
Summer has arrived and that means people will be going on summer vacation. For some people, this will be your first trip with your child, and you may be wondering what you need to pack. That all depends on where you are going and the age of your child. Although infants and toddlers have very similar packing needs, we will take a look at some different locations that your family may be thinking about visiting on vacation this summer.

For this blog, we will focus on clothes and accessories to pack for your little ones. You are familiar with your child’s eating schedules and diaper usage. This should generally stay the same when on vacation, therefore, pack whatever essentials your kids may need per day of your trip.

Any Trip
There are clothing standards for any trip with your children, no matter what the destination may be. Be sure to pack enough clothes for each day you will be on vacation. Here is a list of clothing guidelines for trips of any size and location.

Toddler and/or Infant
• 1 outfit per day
• 2 spare outfits
• 1 sweatshirt (it can get cool at night, even in the summer)
• 1 pair of pajamas per 2 days
• socks & shoes

If you are going to a location where your kids will be playing more than usual and getting dirtier than usual, you may want to take some additional spare outfits. Maybe take two outfits per day so they can be clean if you will be going to diner somewhere out on the town.

Beach Trip
The beach is the summer vacation destination of choice for many people, especially in the South. Travelling to a water location is a great way to escape the heat of summer. This additions to your packing list will encompass all water locations whether it be the beach or lake or a water park.

• sunscreen
• bathing suit(s)
• swim diapers
• beach towel
• flop flops/sandels
• pool/beach toys
• snacks for the beach

• sunscreen
• bathing suit(s)
• swim diapers
• beach towel
• wipes

Mountains/Northern Trip
For a trip to the mountains (or a more northern location), you may need to take some additional clothes for those nights that will be cooler. I would suggest packing a sweatshirt or sweater or maybe even a lightweight jacket for each night you will be visiting this location. Your little one may need a little more clothing than an adult would in the same situation.

We Have You Covered
At Fun & Fancy, we specialize in classic children’s clothing and shoes. We have all the clothing and accessories your child will need for any upcoming summer vacations. Fun & Fancy is located in Old Towne Station in Auburn, Alabama. We are open 10 AM to 5:30 PM Monday through Friday and 10 AM to 2 PM on Saturday. We can’t wait to help you find the perfect outfit and accessories for your little one! We also offer complimentary gift wrapping and gift cards in case you are shopping for a special little one!