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Monogramming Creates an Instant Classic

Monogramming Creates an Instant Classic
Few things evoke classic Southern-style as much as monogramming. It’s at once beautiful and elegant, and yet incredibly personal. Monogramming creates something unique to that person, whether it’s a delicate baby jumper, a sports bag, a child’s backpack, or something else. At Fun & Fancy, we’re happy to provide custom monogramming for just about anything to create an instant, personal classic unique to your child!

What Is Monogramming?

Monogramming is really just taking your child’s name or initials and then applying them to a piece of fabric. For instance, we can monogram your child’s bibs, blankets, sleeping gowns, diaper bag, backpack, and so much more. The point of monogramming is simple – it creates something incredibly unique, personal, and beautiful. Monogrammed items often become childhood treasures, providing something for your daughter or son to look back on with love.

Why Monogram?

Monogramming has always been about personalization. It takes something that could belong to anyone and transforms it into something specific and unique to your child. It’s no longer “a blanket”, it’s your child’s blanket.

Monogramming also ties memories to those items, changing them from utilitarian pieces of fabric into heirlooms and keepsakes that your child will treasure for years to come, perhaps even passing on to their own child in the future.

Of course, there are plenty of practical reasons to choose monogramming, too! You’ll never need to worry about a backpack, diaper bag, or blanket getting lost in the church nursery or daycare! It can also help nursery workers and other people identify your child more easily.

Monogramming Options

In many cases, monogramming uses your child’s three initials, combined with elegant, curling script. However, don’t feel limited by convention! We believe in giving our customers exactly what they want, and that includes options for monogramming. In addition to providing monogramming services for just about anything you might imagine, we can also help you go beyond the typical three-letter monogram.

Whether you have a boy or girl, they will love their first name monogrammed across a blanket. Or go more minimal – some parents love a single monogrammed initial letter. It’s all about what you (and your child) will love!

Monogramming Colors and Fonts

At Fun & Fancy, we believe in offering you all the options you want. You’ll find thread in every color of the rainbow, so whether you want a classic, elegant monogram or something fun and bright, we can create it. We also have all the fonts you’ll need, from elegant curlicue-style to bold and blocky fonts. Custom options are also available. Found a style online that you love? Just show us a picture and we can recreate it for you.

How Do We Monogram?

We offer multiple types of monogramming. We’re happy to embroider a traditional monogram on clothing, but we can also offer applique services as well.

At Fun & Fancy, we offer monogramming services to create classic children’s clothing, bold monogramming for personalization, and so much more. Come in and see us today! We are located in Old Towne Station in Auburn, Alabama. We are open 10 AM to 5:30 PM Monday through Friday and 10 AM to 2 PM on Saturday. We can’t wait to help you find the perfect outfit and accessories for your little one! We also offer complimentary gift wrapping and gift cards in case you are shopping for a special occasion! If you can’t decide what to buy, a gift card would be a great present. Personalization and monogramming are also available.