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Hair Bows: Southern Flair and Beauty

Hair Bows: Southern Flair and Beauty
Hair bows are a must for any little girl – they’re elegant, fun, and add an undeniable touch of Southern tradition and whimsy. From oversized hair bows for the most adorable baby portrait to color-coordinating hair bows to pair perfectly with that cheerleading outfit, Fun & Fancy is your one-stop-shop for hair bows in the Auburn-Opelika area. We can help you find the perfect size, style, and color for your little one.

Infant Hair Bows Galore!
Many parents love the look of hair bows but fear that their infant girl simply doesn’t have enough hair to hold one. Not to worry! At Fun & Fancy, we offer all the infant hair bow options you need. Our infant hair bows have a compact clip that’s designed to work with even the smallest amount of hair and still stay secure. Or maybe you’d prefer a headband-style hair bow? The band is made from the softest fabric to gently cradle your baby’s head and will never pull her hair, either.

A Bow as They Grow
At Fun & Fancy, we believe that every girl should have a beautiful hair bow that’s perfectly suited to her. We carry sizes that work for infants, but also toddlers, kindergarteners, elementary-aged girls, junior high, and beyond! We’re proud to stock hair bows from size extra-small all the way up to XXL. Our hair bows come with an alligator clip that works for all our bow sizes.

What Are Our Hair Bows Made From?
At Fun & Fancy, most of our hair bows are made from grosgrain ribbon. This type of material is taffeta woven to create prominent ribs that help it retain its shape and provide plenty of durability and strength. However, we understand that you may have something very specific in mind for your little one, so we also carry some specialty bows made from satin ribbon, as well as unique grosgrain bows with crocheted trim.

Choosing the Right Color
While material, sheen, pattern, and size are important characteristics, don’t neglect color. At Fun & Fancy, we carry hair bows in every shade of the rainbow to help make sure that you get the ideal color. Whether you’re trying to match the color of your infant’s eyes, tie into a cheerleading uniform, or just want something that goes beautifully with your daughter’s hair, we can help.

Come See Us for All Your Hair Bow Needs
From the most diminutive infant hair bow to oversized bows for older children, Fun & Fancy helps you add the perfect amount of flair to any outfit. Come see us for all your hair bow needs!

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