Early Spring: Fun & Fancy for Sandal Sandal Sandals! - Fun & Fancy Children's Boutique

Early Spring: Fun & Fancy for Sandal Sandal Sandals!

Early Spring: Fun & Fancy for Sandal Sandal Sandals!
Fun & Fancy, located in Old Towne Station in Auburn, Alabama, specializes in children's clothing, shoes, accessories and more! Whether it's for play, school, or a special occasion, we have a wide variety of clothing and shoes for your child. The famous groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, announced an early spring! That makes now the perfect time to shop Fun & Fancy for sandals… sandals… sandals!

Easter is a great time of the year! I always look forward to seeing everyone dressed in their Sunday best, hunting Easter eggs (and the Easter bunny), enjoying Easter baskets, and gathering with family and friends. It’s the perfect time of year to bring out all of your favorite pastel colors! Light pink, lavender, mint green, baby blue, periwinkle and peach are wonderful spring shades and perfect for Easter! Of course, once you pick out the perfect Easter outfit, you need new shoes! Let’s be honest - who doesn’t LOVE a brand new pair of shoes? I know I do! Fun & Fancy offers a variety of popular brands including Sun-San Salt Water, L’Amour, and Native.

Sun-San Salt Water sandals are the perfect spring shoes for your little one! They are made with 100% natural leather uppers, making them extremely durable (we all know how rough kids can be on their shoes)! These sandals are water friendly and can be worn in and out of water! Salt Water sandals come in a wide variety of colors. White, gold, rose gold and tan are perfect shades to be worn with pretty much anything! We also offer bright, fun colors like red, navy blue, and pink. Whatever the occasion, we have the perfect color that you one are sure to love!

L’Amour shoes bring a fresh, modern twist to classic children’s shoes. They reinvent classics to keep up with today’s trends and meet the needs of children’s different lifestyles. In addition to being fashionable and classic, L’Amour shoes are also known for their outstanding quality!

Native shoes are innovative, original, comfortable, and LITE! The Native Shoes Remix™ Project recycles your well-loved Native Shoes by giving them new life in projects across the community. Their mission is for every pair of Native shoes to be 100% life cycle managed by 2023. The unique composition of Native Shoes can be reground into versatile material that can be used in the creation of seating, playground flooring, insulation and more. By using a proprietary regrind process, they are able to break down the materials found in every style of Native Shoes.

There’s no telling where your Native shoes will end up! Fun & Fancy has the latest arrivals available for spring and Easter. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to help you find the perfect outfit. We offer custom shoe fittings so you know you have a perfect fit! If you can't decide what to buy, gift cards are available. Need a birthday gift? We have you covered! Check out our selection of toys, jewelry and other gifts with free wrapping available. Shop Fun & Fancy online www.FunAndFancyAuburn.com or stop by the store 1345 Opelika Road, Suite D in Auburn, Alabama.